Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Logical New World View in Ten Easy Steps

A Logical, New World View in Ten Easy Steps

The book “Ten Great Ways to Understand the World – the Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of Thought” by Else Byskov is out now on and A Danish version is out on

Have you ever worried about the future of the world? Have you wondered where we are going and what it is all coming to? Have you been looking for logical answers to the big questions without finding them? Then look no further.”Ten Great Ways…” presents a new, appetizing, logical and positive way to understand the world.

The book introduces an alternative to the materialistic world view that is currently the one most people adhere to. This new way to understand the world argues that we are on our way towards a world where there will be no more war, terrorism, social unrest, unhappy fates and doomsday visions. This change will come about as a result of a constant refinement of our consciousness based on our reaping of experiences over many incarnations.

Today the one life theory, which the majority of people in the western world still adhere to, is being undermined by a growing body of evidence that death is not the end and that we have lived before and will live again. In tune with the emergence of this evidence (which is presented in the book) we will soon have to revise our old world view and include a spiritual level of existence in our way of envisaging the world. It is becoming increasingly clear that invisible, intangible matter exists in the shape of the rays and waves of the electromagnetic spectrum, and this simple fact tells us that the world does not end where visible and tangible matter ends. There is much more and we cannot come to any conclusive theory about the world as long as we do not take a spiritual level into account. With the realization of the existence of spirit comes a need to see the world in a new light and in a much larger perspective.

“Ten Great Ways…” presents 10 highly plausible, positive and holistic ways to understand the world, and these ways encompass the indispensible existence of an intelligent creator, the existence of spirit, the necessity of reincarnation, the secret to the creation of our fates, the importance of the law of attraction, the immortality of all living beings and the evidence supporting the idea that we are inhabiting a living planet in a living universe where we are all one.

If you want to see the bigger picture in a non-religious and convincing way then read the mind-blowing book “Ten Great Ways to Understand the World – the Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of Thought” by Else Byskov.

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